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Cultural Expeditions in August

Next to the already mentioned MS Artsville and Robi the Dog exhibition I managed to snag quite a few cultural offerings of various kinds in August. What a spread :-)

journal_ist and I managed to catch a fantastic performance of Porgy & Bess by the New York Harlem Theatre. The story is still sad but the music is also still magnificent.

I also visited two exhibitions that were quite different from one another but both more than worth my while. Unlike the Picasso exhibit earlier in the year the Manet one pulled out all the stops in collecting a fantastic array of works from all over the world. Yesterday's visit to the MK&G was mainly fueled by the HokusaixManga exhibition that offered a nice juxtaposition of Edo period prints and modern popular culture fare dealing with the same topics. Oh but the exhibit highlighting sneaker marketing posters from around the world was well worth a visit too.

Furthermore I ventured to the cinema and watched Genius. So well executed and acted, yeah.

Last but not least Berlin: 1 City, 1 day, 17km walked, 4 locations, 34 degree Celsius, 3½l liquids consumed, 196 photos taken mostly on the Teufelsberg. Collapse )
Jumping is for stupid

Robi the Dog

I spent Sunday merrily chasing street art throughout Berlin only to return late in the evening (curtesy to trains delayed by extremely bad weather) to the news that one of my favourite urban artists had passed away.
Only last month I managed to visit his first ever solo exhibition here in Hamburg. I loved the art on display and even bought my own 'jumping is for stupid'-frog. I am ever so glad I did. So here's to Robi the Dog and all the smiles and chuckles he managed to bestow on me and undoubtedly many others. Check out some of his art that I came across Collapse )
Jumping is for stupid

MS Artsville etc

About 2 weeks ago I visited the annual outdoors MS Artsville festival on Willhelmsburg. This year's theme was 'Ghosttown'. Thanks to the weather that is exactly what the whole festival area felt like. On the bright side those who, like myself, had braved the weather and the Schienenersatzverkehr were treated with an unobstructed view of the art. Collapse )

Speaking of outdoor exhibits, in June my sister and I visited the annual sculpture festival in Bissee. Collapse )
I also recently came across this fabulous little (literally the size of my palm) piece that cheered me immensely. Collapse )
Jumping is for stupid

One Wall Project

A couple of years ago Urban Nation started a project called the One Wall Project. One wall - one artistic message.
The biggest outdoor gallery they have created so far is in Berlin Tegel. Six 14-story highrises have been redone with pictures from New Zealand artist Fintan McGee, Spaniard Borondo, the group London Police and three others.
I had some time after an appointment so I finally went to check it out. Bloody fantastic, but Collapse )
fly away


After loads and loads of rain over the last week it finally cleared up a bit today so I ventured out to the street festival in St. Pauli for lunch and a little street art hunting. This stencil by Rumo nicely summs up what I think in regards to most people and politics right now.
Oh and the other is just for the Star Wars nerds among you
Collapse )
on the road again


journal_ist and I took a trip to Schwerin today. I had originally planned to go last weekend but was hampered by the bad weather. So in light of the promise of today shaping up to be a fabulous summer day the trip got rescheduled.

So a couple of hours later, lighter in regards to money and richer in the number of blisters (argh 5 in total) I'd like Collapse )